Come Join Us! “The Opioid Crisis”: a Community Discussion at Gates Public Library.

Date: Monday, July 31, 2017

Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM

We encourage staff and members of our community to take part in this informative discussion; come together and learn about what it is that is happening and what we can do together to be proactive members of our communities. Registration is appreciated. This is part of a collaborative series with the Rochester Public Library. Please view the attachment for details.

Follow our Facebook event for information on panelists and guest moderators:

Look Who’s Partnering up ! Gates Public Library & Gates-Chili School District

Each year over 50 children in the Gates community are unable to attend preschool through the school district’s current lottery placement system. The Gates Public Library is seeking to combat this lack of opportunity by partnering with the Gates Chili Central School District to create a community education space within the library. Your support will afford 54 children in the opportunity to attend preschool at the library from 2018 onward, and countless others throughout the years.

What’s more, this space will be used to greatly expand our educational and recreational programs and special events for everyone in the community, from infants to seniors, and everyone in between.

Please consider helping  by donating.  For more information call / email our Library Director Greg Benoit at (585) 429-9298 or email Greg at

Open Burn Announcement

Please remember NYSDEC has a restriction on open burning from March 16th to May 14th. Dry windy conditions during this time period increases the chance of brush and grass fires quickly spreading and becoming dangerous. The only exception to this ban are campfires less than 3 feet in height and 4 feet in width, and that use charcoal or untreated wood. Burning of trash is prohibited in the state at all times.


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