Established in 1974, this eight member uncompensated Conservation Advisory Board is appointed by the Gates Town Board. It is responsible for preserving open space within the Town of Gates. In this regard, the board has been a leader in formulating rules and regulations for the establishment of an Open Space Index (percentage of open space vs. developed).

In accordance with the Conservation Law, the board must review all subdivision, building, and open space planning. To keep abreast of current developments, Conservation Advisory Board representatives should remain current on all applications before the Planning,  Zoning and Town Boards

Conservation Board Members:  

  • Harry Azer
  • Gloria Conti
  • David DiCaro, Town Council Representative
  • John Donnelly
  • Emily Leone
  • Brenna McAvinney
  • James Moore
  • Joan Newell
  • Tanios Sarkis
  • Joan Tannous, Chair
  • Tanios Sarkis, Town Representative to the Monroe County Environmental Management Council

Meeting Date, Location, and Time: 

3rd Tuesday of each Month 7:00 P.M.  at the Gates Town Hall, Supervisor’s Conference Room

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