The Highway Department is managed by Highway Superintendent Joe Amico. The responsibilities of the department vary and include: snow and ice control, pavement maintenance and repair, street signage, curbside collection of brush, fall leaf collection, maintenance of storm sewers and drainage channels and maintenance of all highway equipment.
Specific Services provided by the Highway Department include:

Weekly Pickups: Spring, Summer & Fall

**** In order for Highway personnel or equipment to pick up items listed below, please DO NOT put any of the following in bags or garbage pales or barrels****

  • Brush (piles) , Tree branches
  • Concrete & Rocks
  • Clean wood (no nails)  4 ft. lengths
  • Dirt (small piles)
  • Leaves -un-bagged  (Fall only  – Beginning October thru Thanksgiving)  After this time please bag them for your normal garbage company to pickup.
  • Plain Wood Furniture ONLY
  • Metal – Appliances
  • Small Stone, Sand (small piles)

One time a year pickup (usually in 1 day in May)

  • Un-mounted Tires (2 per household)

Items that Highway Department does not pick up:

  • Electronics (TV’s, Computers, Etc.)   Resident must dispose of them by bringing them to recycling place. See footer of page for phone numbers.
  • Furniture (Couches, Love seat, Chairs, Mattresses,  Etc.)
  • GRASS (your local garbage company will)
  • Paint or  other Household Hazardous Waste

Contact our Highway Department to report an issue.

To report any potholes, sidewalk issues and/or landscape over growth for the streets listed below, please call NYS DOT at 585-352-3471 as these are STATE maintained roads.

-Buffalo Road               -Brooks Avenue       -Chili Avenue

-Howard Road             -Lyell Avenue          – Spencerport Road

To report any potholes, sidewalk issues and/or landscape over growth for the streets listed below, please call Monroe County at 585-753-7700 as these are COUNTY maintained roads.

-Beahan Road              -Buell Road             -Coldwater Road
-Elmgrove Road          -Hinchey Road       -Lee Rd
-Long Pond Road        -Lyell Road             -Manitou Road
-Pixley Road                -Trolley Blvd          -Wegman Road


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