The Town of Gates celebrated their 200th anniversary back in 2013.   The Gates Police Department was proud to be part of that celebration!

Chief James VanBrederode

Police Chief James VanBrederode

The Gates Police Department is proud to serve our residents and businesses!  Our officers come from a diverse background, are very professional and all well trained.   Besides typical police calls, our officers also respond to vehicle lock outs, Code Enforcement issues, animal calls and anything else our residents need assistance with.  We are a function of government that is available 24/7 and holidays!  Quality of life issues are important to our residents and they are important to us as well.

Our Neighborhood Watch Program is facilitated through up to date and real time e mails of crime trends occurring in the residential neighborhoods.  We feel it is important for residents to know what to look for by having current information about their neighborhood.  The neighborhood watch captains are instrumental in maintaining the e mail lists for their neighborhood and forward the information from the police department.

The Gates Police Department works very closely with our partners in the Local – State – County and Federal Law Enforcement Community.   Crime crosses all jurisdictional boundaries and so do our enforcement efforts.

  • Each year the Gates Police Department partners with the Monroe County Department of Health to check our local stores for tobacco compliance sales to minors.
  • We partner with the Monroe County STOP DWI Program to keep our streets safe from intoxicated drivers.
  • The department receives special funding each year from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee to enforce aggressive driving and seat belt compliance.
  • We conduct narcotic investigations with our County, State and Federal Narcotic Units.
  • Our Office has a full time Domestic Violence/Victim Counselor to work with our victims of crime.  Ellen Guerdat can assist with emotional support, crime victim compensation, to court room testimony.  She is ready to assist our residents at all hours of the day and night.
  •  Juveniles can sometimes be a challenge to raise and keep safe.   The Gates Police Department has a Juvenile Counselor who has been on staff for over 30 years.   Don Scheg has assisted many parents with children who run away, have a substance abuse problem, or are engaging in a life of Crime.  The Juvenile Justice System can be complicated and Don can assist you navigate the resources that are available to our residents.

The Gates Police can be reached by calling 911.   Our Office staff is very friendly and ready to assist you obtaining copies of police reports.  They may be reached at 247-2262 Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm.   The Gates Justice Court handles our traffic tickets, criminal arrests and civil matters; they may be reached at 426-0410.


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