Grievance Day Public Hearing Meetings

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Informal Review Procedure

An Informal Review of your assessment may be requested after October 1st through the following April 1st.

All informal reviews are subject to a request from the Assessor for an interior and exterior inspection of the property an Assessment Department staff member. The purpose of a physical inspection is to ensure that the inventory (square footage, bedrooms, baths, etc.) on the assessment record is accurate and to evaluate the condition of the property.

Property owners who are in disagreement with their assessed value must provide information to the Assessment Department that they feel is relevant to their property’s value.

  • A recent appraisal of the property. Please note that the Assessment Office will review appraisals completed for financing or estates, etc. If an appraisal is submitted specifically for an assessment challenge, the date of the appraisal must be completed by the date set forth by RPTL, which is the preceding July 1st.
  • A recent listing of the property showing the asking price, time on the market and any offers made.
  • A recent sale of the property (copy of the purchase contract).
  • Recent sales of similar properties in the subject neighborhood.
  • Photographs showing aspects of the property that would affect the value.

Please note, that if deemed necessary, without a physical exterior and interior inspection, no change in assessed value will be considered. The owner must supply information to support a different value than what has been determined by the Assessment Department.

Change of Assessment Notices resulting from an informal review will be sent to the property owner, no later than the first week in May.

If you still disagree with the assessor’s valuation of your property, a more formal process exists, where property owners can present their case to the Board of Assessment Review, which holds its Grievance Day hearings on the Forth Tuesday of May. The process is free and open to all property owners. Keep in mind, property owners will be required to submit documentation supporting their estimate of value and acquiring this information is at the home owner’s expense.

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