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The Building Department and the Department of Public Works are listed together due to their close working relationship and the commonality of services to the community. Public Works Director Kurt Rappazzo, Building Inspector Terry Rech, Diane Zavaglia and Natalie Molinaro help manage both of these departments. They oversee Town drainage issues, work with the Town’s contracted engineering firm, Costich Engineering, accept all Planning Board applications and serves as that board’s liaison.

Together these departments are responsible for the Town of Gates planning, zoning and economic development activities as well as ensuring compliance with town ordinances and the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention Code and the New York State Building Code.

The Building Department works closely with developers, contractors and property owners in the Town of Gates to ensure that all building construction (new and existing) meets with building and safety regulations. The staff will assist an applicant who wishes to bring a project before the Town Board, Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals. The staff will advise an applicant of other county or state approval requirements and assist in the submission of required inspections and permits.

The Building Department coordinates the Monroe County Home Improvement Loan Application grants and works with the Gates Town Board to ensure all conditional use permits are filed, maintained and annually renewed. There is a part time Building Inspector who is responsible for review of all building plans and performs all legally required inspections. The assistant to the Director is responsible for preparing all Planning and Zoning Board agendas as well as acts as purchasing agent for all Buildings and Grounds.

Building Department

Many projects require a Building Permit, some examples are listed below. Please make sure to include:

  1. Permit Application (see printable forms )
  2. Contractor’s Insurance: Contractor’s General Liability & New York State Worker’s Compensation. (If you do not have worker’s compensation, also applies to homeowner’s performing the work, please complete the CE-200 Affidavit of Exemption or if a for current forms, you can find it on New York State’s Workers Compensation site: )
  3. Home Owner’s Survey Map of the property (Check your mortgage packet or contact the closing attorney on your home purchase)
  4. Project details:
    • If Project is Constructed: Accurate construction drawings with dimensions, spans and material size listed
    • If Project has a kit with pre-manufactured parts: Brochure or print out of specifications from store website (see printable forms section for project specific information)

Contact: Terry Rech 585-247-6100 Ext 241 
Email: –  please include the address and type of project in your email subject line for the following projects:

  • Alteration or additions: to a house or structure
  • Attic/Basement: Conversion of an attic or basement to usable space (recreation room)
  • Residential/Commercial: Construction of a house or building
  • Demolition: of any building interior or section (utility sheds excluded)
  • Fire Damage: Repair of any structure damaged by fire
  • Generators: Installation of a new generator for residential or commerical
  • Plumbing: Installation of new or extending existing plumbing
  • Porch: Construction or enclosure of a porch

Contact: Natalie Molinaro 585-247-6100 Ext 240
Email: –  please include the address and type of project in your email subject line for the following projects:

  • Residential Decks: Construction or replacement of a deck (see printable forms )
  • Residential Fences: Installation or replacement of Fence (see printable forms )
  • Residential Pools/Hot tubs: Installation or replacement of a pool, spa, or hot tub (see printable forms )
  • Residential Sheds: Construction, replacement or installation of a shed (see printable forms )
  • Signs: Construction or replacement of a sign (see printable forms )

If you are in doubt about whether a project you are undertaking requires a building permit, please call the Building Department at 247-6100 or email them at .    All permit application and instructions are located on the document section of this page.

In addition, should your project not conform to the Town of Gates Zoning Ordinance, an applicant is required to appear before the Town of Gates Zoning Board of Appeals for a variance. The Zoning Board of Appeals  meets on the second Monday of every month to hear applicants request for a variance.  View our Zoning Map  to help determine the permitted uses for every property in Gates.

 Stormwater Efforts

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