The Town Clerk’s office is responsible, under State Law, for maintaining the custody of all public records for the Town of Gates. These records include all legal documents, manuscripts, minutes of board meetings and other vital records.

In addition to being responsible for maintaining vital records, the Department is also responsible for the collection of Town & County taxes, as well as school taxes for our two school districts: Gates Chili and Spencerport. This department is also available to assist residents and realtors with any property-tax related questions.

Residents visit the Town Clerk’s office to obtain an array of licenses and permits, such as alarm permit, disability parking permit, dog license, hunting & fishing licenses and marriage licenses.

Normal Office Hours: M-F 9 AM-5 PM.
Tax Office Hours: M-F 8 AM-5PM.  Please visit Tax bill for extended hours date.


Town Clerk / Tax Receiver – Veronica Owens

Deputy Town Clerk   – Mackenzie Meyer

Deputy Tax Receiver – Sarah Lobene

Office Clerk – Cindi Soppe

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