New York State Law requires that dogs be licensed at 4 months of age. Upon licensing your dog you are required to furnish proof that your dog has been vaccinated for rabies within the past 3 years. Pets that have been spayed or neutered are licensed at a reduced fee. All dogs licenses are renewed annually. The Town Clerks office processes and mails renewal notices.

  • Spayed or Neutered Dogs – $9.00
  • Unspayed or Unneutered Dogs – $18.00
  • Senior 65+ Spayed or Neutered Dogs – $5.00
  • Senior 65+ Unspayed or Unneutered Dogs – $14.00
  • Guide Dogs/Service Dogs – No Fee

If you are licensing your dog for the first time and you would like to do so through the mail you may download an application. Mail the completed application along with the following:

  • Proof of rabies
  • Proof of spaying or neutering
  • Check for the appropriate amount, made payable to the Town of Gates

Mail to:
Town of Gates
Town Clerk-Dog Renewal
1605 Buffalo Road
Rochester, New York 14624

Dog licenses need to be renewed annually. Dog license renewals will be sent out approximately one month prior to renewal date from our office.  Renewals can be done via postal mail, in person or online.

Please visit Town of Gates Code Section 62-7 as to number of animals permitted on premise.

Lost Dogs

Under the Town of Gates Code, any officer or Animal Control Officer of the town may seize any dog not on the owner’s premises or any unlicensed dog, whether or not on the owner’s premises.

Stray dogs are generally taken to an offsite facility.  For additional information, please call Town of Gates M- F (9am – 5pm ) at 247-6100 or call 911 on weekends. The dog will be released once the clerk has proof of current license, including proof of rabies vaccination, and payment of boarding and seizure fees.  The Town Clerk accepts cash, check, Visa / MasterCard or Discover for all dog license transactions.

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