Highway Superintendent – Kurt Rappazzo, P.E.

 COVID-19 / Corona Virus Update

Gates Highway is currently operating at half capacity.  The current staff will be alternating weeks.  1/2 on and 1/2 off.  WE WILL NOT BE FOLLOWING OUR NORMAL ROUTINE AND PICKUP SCHEDULES.  Instead we will be splitting the town into 1/2  North and South  –   North side of Buffalo Road (West of Howard  Rd/ North Lyell Ave)  and the South Side of Buffalo Rd (East Howard / South Lyell Ave).  We will be alternating weeks for pickup.

North Side – Mar 28th & Apr 6th

South Side – Mar 30th & April 13th

Click here for Map of Temporary Pickup

We recognize the pressure this will place on our residents, given the opportunity for yard work that this early spring, social distancing and self-quarantining has provided.  We ask our residents to please help us help you by disposing of leaves, small brush piles and yard waste with their regular garbage companies.  If it small enough to fit in your garbage totes PLEASE do so. We will not be stopping to pick up these small piles as our efforts are concentrated on a larger scale.   We appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience during these unprecedented times.


Message from our Highway Superintendent, Kurt Rappazzo

On behalf of the Town of Gates Highway Department, I would like to welcome you to the Town, and make you aware of some of the services our department offers. The responsibilities of the department vary and include: snow and ice control, pavement maintenance and repair, street signage, curbside collection of brush, fall leaf collection, maintenance of storm sewers and drainage channels and maintenance of all highway equipment.
Specific Services provided by the Highway Department are listed below.

Contact Information

The Highway Department is located at 475 Trabold Road, Rochester, NY 14624. All calls go to the Town Hall receptionist as there is not an attendee located at our Highway Department facility.

Please contact us at:

  • Highway Department: (585) 247-1044
  • Town of Gates-Main: (585) 247-6100

Town of Gates Plowing

In the winter, snow and ice removal is done by our highway crews. Should your mailbox be damaged during snowplowing, it is the Town’s policy to replace it with a standard rural mailbox with wood post only.

Free Mulch!

Residents may collect and enjoy the free mulch located at the Highway Building, 475 Trabold Road, Rochester, NY 14624, between the Spring and Fall season. You do not need to call ahead.

*** PLEASE NOTE:  the available, quantity of mulch, varies***

 Weekly Pickups: Spring, Summer & Fall

To obtain your collection day, please search your address on our street pick up page: In order for Highway personnel or equipment to pick up items listed below, please DO NOT put any of the following in bags or garbage pales or barrels

  • Shrubs (Piles), Tree branches 6-8 ft. lengths (please make sure they are all pointing in same direction)
  • Clean wood (no nails)  4 ft. lengths
  • Dirt (Small piles), Sod, Small Stone, Sand (Small piles)
  • Concrete & Rocks
  • Un-bagged Leaves (Fall season only – beginning October through Thanksgiving. Schedule for leaf collection varies and make efforts to obtain weekly, weather and volume permitting. After this time please bag them for your normal garbage company to pick-up.)

*** PLEASE NOTE:  If you ( the resident) contract with a PRIVATE lawn or tree removal service it is the responsibility of the HIRED CONTRACTOR to properly remove & dispose the said material as required by Gates Town Code. Chapter 133-5 B.5(C) Property Maintenance and Chapter 155- Solid Waste Management****  You may be subject to a fine or penalty.

One time a year pickup (usually 1 day in May)

  • UN-mounted Tires (2 per household)

Items that Highway Department does not pick up:

  • Electronics (TV’s, Computers, Radios, etc.)   Residents must dispose of them by bringing them to recycling facility. (Please refer to for electronic recycling places or contact your refuse company.)
  • Furniture (Couches, Love seat, Chairs, Mattresses, etc.)
  • Appliances (Refrigerators, Stove/Oven, Washers, Dryers, etc.)
  • Grass (Your local garbage company will)
  • Paint or other Household Hazardous Waste
  • Building Materials (Drywall, Siding or Tile, etc.)

Please complete the online submission to report any issue(s) to our Highway Department.

Only Rain Down the Drain!

Help protect Storm water, a natural resource, from pollution. Do our part; if you see a pollution problem, immediately call us at (585) 247-6100 ext 247. Learn more about reducing storm water pollution, visit the H20 Hero website: .

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