The Library Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall management of the Gates Public Library. This  seven member board  is made up with all of the volunteer  members who are appointed by the Gates Town Board. This is an unpaid position. To be a member of the Library Board of Trustees, you must be a resident of the Town of Gates and be willing to serve for a five year term.  The Board of Trustees works with the New York State Education Department guidelines in order to assure that state laws and policies governing libraries are being met at the Gates Public Library. The Library Board of Trustees is the local policy making body for the Gates Public Library. Among its duties is the appointment of the Library Director.

All board members serve on internal library committees. In addition, they act as liaisons to the Gates Town Board and the Friends of the Gates Library.

Current Board Members are:

Ms. Anna Souannavong, Library Director

Mrs. Theresa May, President 

Ms. Keri Cuyler, Vice-President

Mrs. Melanie Savidis – Secretary
E-mail: msavidis@msn.comE-mail: 

Ms. Wendy Heffer

Ms. Mariella Meinhold

Ms. Catherine Muscato

Mrs. Cathy Rappazzo

Mrs. Miriam Rivera
E-mail: mjsinsurance!

Steve Tucciarello, Town Council Liaison

Meeting date, Location and Time:

3rd Wednesday of every month  in the Gates Public Library, Library Meeting Room  at 6:00P.M.

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