Steve Tucciarello

Elected Officials

Steve Tucciarello

Steve Tucciarello was elected in 2015 to the Gates Town Board and is liaison to the Zoning Board of Appeals. In 2016 Councilman Tucciarello proposed and had passed a new Gates Town Law dealing with foreclosed and Zombie homes.

Prior to Councilman Tucciarello’s election to the Gates Town Board, he represented the community in the Monroe County Legislature for a full ten year term. During his time in the Legislature he served as the Majority Leader, leading the caucus from May 2013 to December 2015 and as Deputy Majority leader from 2010-2013. Steve was Chairman of the Transportation, Planning & Economics Development and Environmental & Public Works Committees. As Legislator, Steve was also a member of the Ways & Means, the Recreation & Education, Intergovernmental Relations, and Agenda Charter Committee. He also was legislative representative on the Monroe County Airport Authority, the 911 Operations Board and the Office of the Aging Council for Elders.

Beyond his duties in government, Steve also served on the Board of Directors of the; Westside YMCA and Gates-Chili Chamber of Commerce, and he is a member of Gates Amita and the F.O. Eagles.

In the past, Steve has served on the Gates Zoning Board of Appeals from 1994-2005 and as its Chairman from 1998-2005. He was also a member of the Gates Conservation Board and the Gates Town Civil Officer.

Steve owns a successful business, Colony Dry Cleaners in Gates on Howard Rd. He and his wife Lynnette are proud parents of two children, both attending college.

If you would like to contact Councilman Tucciarello,  please call him at 585-235-2338 or  email at