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Board of Ethics

Board of EthicsThe Board of Ethics consist of three unpaid volunteer members chaired by former Gates Town Attorney John DiCaro and is established pursuant to the Town of Gates Code of Ethics. The board’s role is to serve the elected and public employees of the town, and in so doing the community at large. Any public employee of the town confronted with a situation which may appear to influence his or her performance of town duties can make a request to the board to evaluate the facts and render a decision. The board has no judiciary, investigative or police powers, and does not meet on a regular basis. It meets when called upon, to review pertinent facts of a particular situation and renders a decision. The public official petitioning the board receives a written report of the board’s findings. The work of this board is important in maintaining a high level of confidence by the citizens in the actions of their public officials.
Board of Ethics Members:

John DiCaro, Chair
Ralph Esposito
Jim VanBrederode
Meeting Date, Place, and Time:
 This board does not have an established meeting date, it meets when called upon by an employee or elected town official at the Gates Town Hall, Supervisor’s Conference Room.