Building Permits  (Forms found below!)
A list of contacts may be found on the 2nd page of the Building Permit Application. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, you may submit your permit documentation via email/mail. Payments are processed after the permit is approved. pay by phone after the permit has been processed or mail a check ahead. Some fees have been listed below. Contact us for any fee not listed. Please note that permits are obtained prior to starting the project.

  1. “Building Permit Application” (Contacts & Permit types are listed on the 2nd page)
  2. Plans (Drawings, pictures, brochures or print outs from store website that include dimensions & specs. Plans are not required for Fence Permits.)
  3. Survey Map (Show location of project and distance to lot lines and/or house)
  4. Contractor’s Insurance or Exemption Form (see permit application for details)
 Fence Permits= $50 (flat fee)   |   Shed Permits= $50 (up to 144sf) and $75 (over 144sf)   |  Decks= $60* (*additional fees apply for decks over 144sf)  | Above Ground & Storable Pools=$60    |   In-ground Ground Pools (fee includes Fence permit)=$100    |   Hot Tubs=$50  |  Sign Permits=$75 (per sign)  | Temporary & Window Graphic Signs=$50 (per application)

Electrical Inspections
Permits that involve electrical work, require an inspection to be completed. Applicant must contact one of the following Town approved, Electrical Inspection Agencies:

  1. Commonwealth Electrical -(585) 624-2380
  2. Middle Department -(585) 454-5191
  3. New York Electrical Inspection Agency – (585) 436-4460
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